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Japan Center of NJ is the community center for Japanese and Japanese-related people around New Jersey.

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Japan Center of NJ

Japan Center of NJ opened to the public in April 2016 sharing space at PEAK Performing Arts Center, Ridgefield New Jersey, to complement activities of JUSA-NJ, the Japan-US Alliance of New Jersey. Our goal is to become a community center for Japanese and Japan-related people in New Jersey and enrich their lives.

To achieve our goal, we offer a variety of services, such as Japanese cultural classes, fitness classes,  and Concierge Services that provide personal or business support.


To respond to the ever increasing demands from the community, JUSA-NJ was established in September 2008 by several long-time Japanese residents of New Jersey, with a strong vision of creating one united Japanese community in New Jersey.

The organization’s mission is strongly founded on serving the needs of the residents of New Jersey. JUSA-NJ welcomes everyone from any community who is interested in Japanese culture, in making friends in different cultures, and in participating at our fun events.